In October 2017, a student from UC Irvine lost their life while crossing Arroyo Drive after getting off the Anteater Express, the university run bus transit system.  Arroyo Drive is one of the most heavily traveled roads for UCI Students who live in on-campus apartments and ACC housing (Vista Del Campo, Vista Del Campo Norte, Camino Del Sol, Arroyo Vista, and Plaza Verde).  As a result, Arroyo Drive is the street where student residents are picked up and dropped off by the Anteater Express.

While this is the only death that we are aware of on Arroyo Drive, it is far from being the only incident that has occurred that has endangred UCI students. Numerous accidents have been reported where students have been hit, or had close calls.  There are several students who have spoken with ASUCI who have been hit or nearly hit, but not reported this to a campus entity.

There are other factors on Arroyo Drive that can lead to the endangerment of pedestrians, cyclists, and other individuals who transit Arroyo Drive. They include inadequate street lighting, poor visibility of lines, cross walks, and reflectors, and the lack of stop signs that can result in a higher number of speeding vehicles.

Two years have passed since the tragic death of a UC Irvine student on Arroyo Drive.  It is unacceptable that Arroyo Drive is still in the state that it is today. There have been numerous attempts to bring awareness to this issue, including a recent petition on, a GoFundMe page, and several reddit threads (can be found in fact sheet link below). This was, and clearly still is an issue today.  We must act quickly to ensure student safety and prevent another tragedy from occurring on Arroyo Drive.

As of December 17th, 2019 the University has created two committees that can improve this situation.

1. UCI Pedestrian and Non-Pedestrian Traffic Safety Advisory Committee (Began December 2019)

2. Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chancellor of Division of Finance & Administration, Ron Cortez, has assigned Associate Vice Chancellor of Campus Operations, Richard Coulon, as a Project Manager for Arroyo Drive.

While we acknowledge the progress that the University has made in creating these two committees, we find the length of time between the incident and these actions by the University to be disappointing.  Yet, the funding that has been allocated towards improvements to Arroyo Drive is a positive step forward for the safety of UC Irvine students. However, from here on out, we demand that the University increases its transparency and accountability in how it will allocate its resources.  We must be allowed a say in the process and we urge the University to share a concrete timeline of when we will see tangible results on Arroyo Drive, as well as a public explanation of why the University has not released any information as to why nothing has been done.

We are asking that you read and sign the petition below to demonstrate to UCI Administration and Staff that the conditions on Arroyo Drive are unacceptable, given the incidents that have occured. That the measures to improve the concerns addressed in this petition, need to be addressed now, not later! That students who have a seat at the table are empowered and supported to make change that reflects the student body’s concerns

For more information please see the following links:

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– If you have an incident to report please know that the WithUforU App can be used to report incidents. Download here:

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